Drury school pupil sits in HGV truck
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Goldstar Transport VIP visit to Drury Primary School


This month, Richard Jones, one of our Goldstar Team Drivers was sent out on an extra important job. His mission? Taking his Scania R450 for a show and tell at Drury Primary School, Buckley near Chester.

The children, all aged from 3-11-years-old (pre-school, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2) were given the chance to learn all about road safety around lorries and then took turns getting up into the cab to give them a better understanding of the drivers’ view and see the road from the drivers’ perspective. Even the Headteacher, Mr Biltcliffe, got involved!

Pupils told our driver, Rich, they were surprised by the size of the vehicle and how big the blind spot can be – Driving home the motto “if you can’t see the driver, the driver can’t see you”.

Teaching children about road safety from a young age is really important and Goldstar are proud to have been part of a day that will stick in the children’s minds (and ours!) for years to come.

We all remember the government’s “Stop, Look and Listen” campaigns of our youth but more recently road safety has been largely the responsibility of parents and caregivers.

Over 40 children sustain serious injuries every year from ‘other vehicles’ including LGV, HGVs and buses. While this statistic is dropping, it is still an important one. Unless you have an HGV or large vehicle driver in the family, road safety around lorries is often overlooked – which is why we were so pleased to be offered the opportunity to come and talk to Drury School children and offer them some age-appropriate road safety advice.

Road safety is an essential life skill. As you can see from the photos below – everyone involved had a great time. We had some great feedback from the school too and, hopefully, the pupils went home and shared their newly learned knowledge with their parents and guardians!