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Cost Efficient Cargo Solutions

Fuelled by the growth in global trade through the years, transhipments play a vital role in the global supply chain today. Transhipment provides businesses and supply chain managers with a high level of flexibility that can bring about significant cost benefits.

At Goldstar, we offer full-service transhipment solutions to suit your requirements. We can move your full or part-load container from the port of your choice to a transhipment hub at one of our off-dock storage facilities located near all major ports and key transport hubs across the UK

Transhipment for Production, Retail and Construction Businesses

Goldstar Transport are experienced in handling all ISO shipping. We transport dry, refrigerated (reefer), insulated, tank, open top and flat rack – and also work with large or unusual sized ‘out of gauge’ loads.

In short, we have facilities to unload and reload any product or commodity, from tin cans to cars.

Our specialist team can accommodate the unloading of 20ft, 40ft and 45ft shipping containers in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Whether your cargo is loose-loaded or palletised goods, we have the facilities to handle one-off devanning jobs, as well as daily or weekly container arrivals to our warehouses.


Whether you are storing cargo for onward travel or breaking down for delivery, we will handle the discharge of your container.


Our expert de-vanning team palletise bulk and loose cargo to keep your cargo safe during storage and the transportation process.


We have off-port solutions and operational depots across the UK to maximise your supply chain efficiency and save you money.

Store Your Cargo Until You Need It

Transhipment operations are minimal and rapid, and ship/port turnaround times are often reduced from 3 weeks to about 24 hours. This keeps on-dock fees to a minimum.

Our customers trust Goldstar to handle the unloading of their shipping containers in a fast and cost-effective manner. We can unload your cargo and store it in our own containers, helping you save money on shipping line container charges and free up essential warehousing space.

How much will it cost?

There are so many variables in transhipment. Our team can offer advice on how to streamline your costs based on your specific requirements.

That’s why it’s important to talk to us for a personalised quote rather than rely on a generic online price.

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