Off-Dock Storage

Unique cargo storage solutions

Port charges are intended to keep cargo moving through the ports for good reason, but it’s not always possible. Goldstar have the perfect alternative to on-dock storage for containers during complex logistics operations. That’s where Goldstar Transport’s off-dock storage comes in.

We have strategically placed off-dock storage facilities across the UK for full container storage, close to central hubs and all main ports. Enjoy all the benefits of port-side storage, including container accessibility and high levels of security, at a cost-effective price point.

Reachstacker and Goldstar Truck

Heavy Load Experts

Each location is operated by a team specially trained to deliver quick and flexible loading and stacking of containers and other heavy goods weighing up to 45 tonnes.

We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art reach stackers enabling us to lift and store 20, 40 or 45ft empty or loaded containers.

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Need a Storage Solution?

Our Goldstar bespoke container management system enables us to provide you with specialist service and flexibility to store and move your cargo just the way you want to.
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