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How Goldstar’s HR Team is Making Mental Health a Priority


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and our Goldstar HR team are leading the charge to make it normal to talk about mental health in the transport and logistics industry.

Did you know the whole team are fully qualified Mental Health First Aiders (Mental Health First Aid England)

Goldstar’s HR team – More than just Paperwork

We spoke to HR Lead Kirsty and the team to see how they are supporting colleagues, not just in May but all year:

“At Goldstar, we believe that HR is really about people, not paperwork. Our Driver Trainers, some Driver Reps and our DCC’s are all qualified Mental Health First Aiders, and all Managers and Supervisors have been offered this crucial training.

I’m proud of our open-door policy, and awareness is improving all of the time. Each team member has the skills to offer immediate and effective support to colleagues experiencing mental health issues, so our people know they always have someone to turn to. We’re creating a workplace where discussing mental health is not just accepted – it’s encouraged. It’s taken time to get people onboard and change mindsets but I’m proud of my team for their perseverance as this is something that we are all passionate about and it’s something that every workplace needs to be supporting!”

It’s Okay to Talk About Mental Health at Work

HR Administrator and working Mum/Grandmother Liza told us:

“I have worked at Goldstar for a little over 2 years and my role is predominantly overseeing the absence and welfare of all our colleagues. A role that I love and am extremely passionate about.

I have seen a definite shift in my relatively short time here in colleagues’ attitudes towards health and wellbeing, mental health awareness training is and continues to make a huge difference to all concerned.”

For this May’s Mental Health Week, the team is organising several events including a #WearItGreen day on Thursday, to show solidarity and raise awareness. They will also be baking cakes, and our HQ in Felixstowe will have tea and chat sessions in the Driver Welfare Units to encourage open conversations about mental health.

This is all part of the HR team’s efforts to reinforce the message that it’s safe to talk about mental health at work.

Goldstar supports MENtal Health

We all know that UK haulage remains male dominated. In the UK, men have the highest rates of suicide. A Priory survey recently found that 77% of men experience mental health issues, yet 40% have never talked about mental health. Sadly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Liza can empathise with this:

“I find being a support to so many on a daily basis very therapeutic, I’ve been in some dark places and a conversation can make such a massive difference. To be that point of difference, can make the difference. To care and be allowed to care. To build on the relationships that I have, to continue to make a positive difference. In turn, perhaps encouraging others to talk, to open up, reminds them that they matter.”

Driving forward – Mental Health Matters in Transport and Logistics

Our team is excited to roll out monthly health topics, kicking off with prostate health awareness. We’re all about creating a place where everyone feels supported and healthy at work.

As we continue to drive towards a healthier workplace, we want to thank our HR team. Their commitment to mental health is not just improving lives—it’s setting a standard for what supportive and aware workplaces should look like.

Goldstar Transport believe in being more open about mental health struggles and successes. Together, we can break down barriers – Mental Health Matters.