Specialist Trailers

All the gear, to get the job done

As the UK’s leading container haulage specialists, you can be certain that we have the equipment and the expertise to handle your non-standard container job.

We have a proud record of supporting customers with complex road transport and our specialist team are available now to answer any of your questions and assist with planning the movement of your cargo.

Splitter Trailer

Leverage the flexibility of two 20ft containers bound for different destinations collected on the same truck.

Tipper Trailer

Specialist tipper trailers for Bulk cargo - stored loose in containers, tanks or without specific packaging.

Genset Trailer

Transport perishable and temperature sensitive cargo with our state-of-the-art refrigerated and genset container trailers.

Gooseneck Trailer

Low profile, maximised space and reinforced for weight. Perfectly suited to deliver out of gauge loads.

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Our Goldstar logistics team are ready to handle your non-standard container job. Whether it is a standard Sliding trailer or one of our more specialised Trailers you can rest assured your cargo will get the Goldstar treatment.
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