Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor Training

Course Details

This course will prepare candidates for the Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor exams, which are administered by the SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority). They are held at exam centres throughout the UK. It will provide a 5-year vocational licence.

The courses will teach full awareness of DGSA legislation, help understand the duties of a DGSA (which include training, annual report, incident reporting), have an understanding of the legal responsibilities of the DGSA, and help develop basic skills to solve DGSA inquiries.

Career Opportunities
Place yourself at the forefront of dangerous goods transportation with a very well-accredited vocational qualification.

What to Expect

The exams consist of three papers over a 5-hour period: the Core, All Classes, and the Road Paper.

For initial candidates, the course will take place over an 8-day period prior to the exam date. The exams usually take place on a Thursday in the week after your training commences. If a refresher course is required for students who are wishing to retake the exam to regain the qualification, this will take place over a 2-day period.

DGSA training involves learning how to resolve DGSA issues and gaining knowledge of where to reference the solutions within the ADR manuals. The course will be delivered by Training Manager Mark Liggins, a respected DGSA with over 12 years of experience.

Goldstar Training delivers a first-rate training experience, providing the candidate with the knowledge to pass the exams and confidently move forward as a newly qualified DGSA.

Important Info

The ADR books and the cost of the exam will be at an additional cost.

Course Price

Course £2000 + VAT

Course Duration

8 Days

Course Location

Woolpit Training Centre

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Course Review
Listen and learnI would highly recommend goldstar academy. All the trainers are very approachable and friendly.
Dean Brooks - Leeds - July 2023