CPC Module 4 Testing and Training

Course Details

The Driver CPC is the Initial Qualification for CPC and is made up of two parts: Module 2 and Module 4. The Driver CPC Module 4 is a “Demonstration test” and forms the practical element of the Driver CPC Initial Qualification.

Goldstar Transport Training is an approved Module 4 testing site, so your training and test can all be carried out together.

Career Opportunities
This course forms part of a drivers initial CPC qualification. It is mandatory for anyone wishing to gain an HGV licence.

What to Expect

The focus of Module 4 CPC is vehicle safety in a number of different scenarios. The test will last approximately 30 minutes. During the test, you are required to demonstrate your knowledge and ability in the areas listed below:

  • Ability to load the vehicle with due regard for safety rules and proper vehicle use
  • Security of the vehicle and its contents
  • Ability to prevent criminality and trafficking in illegal immigrants
  • Ability to assess emergency situations
  • Ability to prevent physical risk

To successfully pass the test, you must achieve a minimum overall score of 80%. This entails obtaining at least 15% in each subject area and securing a minimum of 20% in at least one area.

If you require additional training in this area, we offer a comprehensive package priced at £140, which includes the test fee. The training session typically lasts approximately 2 hours and covers all the essential aspects of the testing criteria, significantly increasing your chances of success.

Important Info

In order to be eligible to take the test, you must have already passed your MOD 2 CPC case studies and hold the appropriate category of vehicle on your license.

If you are unsuccessful, you can retake the test after a 24-hour period.

Course Price

£100 Test


£140 Training & Test

Course Duration

30 Minutes Test Time


2 Hours Training & 30 Minute Test

Course Location

Woolpit Training Centre

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Course Review
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend themThe training and instruction I received from the Goldstar Academy team was top notch and at a very reasonable cost.
Andrew King - Suffolk - April 2023