CPC Module 3A Testing

Course Details

Module 3A Testing has recently been introduced into the DVSA’s test curriculum, which has broken the driving test into two parts: The 3A test, which is the Uncouple/Recouple reversing exercises, and 3B, which is a separate test that tests your on-road skills. We provide the 3A testing.

Career Opportunities
This course is suitable for anyone wishing to gain an HGV licence and forms the first part of the testing criteria.

What to Expect

The test will be carried out at our Woolpit, Suffolk training centre. It will test your ability to perform a reverse around an S-shaped set of cones, staying within the boundaries of the DVSA test. Once you have performed the reverse exercise, you will then demonstrate safe practices for uncoupling/recoupling.

The test is carried out by our experienced Module 3A assessor and will be marked within the confines of the DVSA testing criteria. On successful completion of your test, you will be given a pass certificate, which will then give you 6 months to pass your Module 3B on-road testing to gain your full Category licence.

Important Info

To take the test, you will need a relevant category vehicle and your provisional driving licence for that category of vehicle. You will need to have passed both your theory test, hazard perception, and MOD 2 CPC.

If you are unsuccessful, you can retake the test after a 24-hour period.

Course Price

£40 Test

Course Duration

30 Minutes Test Time

Course Location

Woolpit Training Centre

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Course Review
Very good experience and a good set of lads
Andy Thistlewood - Suffolk - May 2023