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Transhipment – How It Can Save Your Business Time and Money


With supply chain issues affecting everything from coffee cups to car parts, as well as the recent port strike chaos, it is vital to find a reliable transhipment provider in today’s global supply chain that can be trusted to have your back and get the job done.

As costs spiral and margins grow tighter than ever, transhipment offers a high level of flexibility and an effective cost-saving solution for inventory management – saving businesses money on everything from expensive on-dock fees to high shipping line container charges.

What is Transhipment?

Transhipment is a process of transferring goods from one mode of transport to another. These services are often provided by shipping lines and road haulage companies who offer their clients the opportunity to transfer goods prior to reaching their final destination.

An example of transhipment could be taking several small cargo shipments and consolidating them into one large container, or taking one large container and breaking the cargo into smaller loads to be delivered to multiple locations. This is ideal for businesses operating in the retail or construction industries.

How Transhipment Services Can Cut Your Costs by Reducing Your Inventory Levels

Transhipment, when paired with an off-dock storage solution enables businesses to cut costs by reducing inventory levels, storing their goods in one, or multiple locations around the country, and distributing them from there without the need for expensive on-dock storage.

Transhipment operations are minimal and rapid, and ship/port turnaround times are often reduced from 3 weeks to about 24 hours. Because of this transhipment advantage, transport chains involving containers are faster and more cost-effective.

Off-dock vs On-dock Storage

Storing your cargo on-dock can be expensive and restrictive. You can expect dock storage charges, and detention charges, sometimes known as ‘restitution’ if the container is not returned within 48hrs.

Off-dock storage at container parks provides another solution in the supply chain. Businesses can move their container from the port to a transhipment facility where the load can be palletised for faster, easier delivery, or devanned into a park-owned container, ensuring the shipping line-owned container is returned within 24hrs massively reducing costs.

Using a Container Haulage Specialist to Tranship Your Goods

Container haulage specialists have the experience and the contacts to ensure that your container is collected, and your cargo is transhipped and delivered in the fastest, most cost-efficient way possible. They know the shipping lines, have a constant connection with and run regular routes with ports and railheads within their service areas.

Why you should choose Goldstar for your Transhipment needs

Goldstar Transport can offer a complete transhipment solution including:

  • Off-dock storage at competitive rates at a number of strategic locations within touching distance of the major ports.
  • Reloading transhipments into our own containers, reducing both quay rent and detention costs and easing warehouse congestion.
  • Sending Goldstar owned containers directly to the customer’s premises to load goods – offering a cost-effective solution to congested warehousing.
  • Devanning multiple types of goods, with a range of forklifts on site, with the capability to handle many types of cargo
  • Our range of Reach stackers and large 16T forklift trucks enable us to carry out out-of-gauge cargo alongside lashing, handballing, palletising and banding goods

Freight transportation is a complex and challenging process. It takes a lot of expertise to efficiently tranship container cargo from A to B to C. That’s why many businesses opt for a transhipment service for their freight needs.

Our Transhipment Team are here to help. Get in touch with us today to see how we can save your business time and money.